/getattachment/0f698f6a-de3f-41da-8428-9dc713f14460/Barbara-and-Mike-Bass-Library.aspx|Barbara & Mike Bass Library|
/getattachment/42e6ef05-214c-4d02-ac97-46a9ab11ba54/Downtown-Elyria-Square.aspx|Downtown Elyria Square|
/getattachment/ac8e3a13-6a1d-4a1d-9715-9759bef9e24a/EHS-Washington-Building.aspx|EHS Washington Building|
/getattachment/3903937c-d612-4e0e-8832-be7d41cb5ed5/Entrepreneurship-Innovation-Center.aspx|Entrepreneurship Innovation Center|
/getattachment/aeb97fa8-7060-4697-a8fe-f2716cee1f3c/Finwood-Estate-and-Forest.aspx|Finwood Estate & Forest|
/getattachment/92fec4bf-af61-45c0-9dfd-7b763577afab/LCCC-Community-Resource-Center.aspx|LCCC Community Resource Center|
/getattachment/6051b410-6800-47d7-893b-47cf46caec49/LCCC-Fountains.aspx|LCCC Fountains|
/getattachment/cc6f4279-3975-4ede-b0bd-9c509f71eab0/Moving-Fabrication-Lab-at-LCCC.aspx|Moving Fabrication Lab at LCCC|
/getattachment/679556cc-a7eb-4f49-8ae1-7d276bc3bf77/Lorain-County-Community-College.aspx|Lorain County Community College|
/getattachment/765d01b9-a965-40a5-9fc3-2b8526e06c4e/Lorain-County-Historical-Society.aspx|Lorain County Historical Society|
/getattachment/6c3711d0-2488-43f7-a3a6-e717733a2b9c/Midway-OH-BOY-Restaurant.aspx|Midway OH BOY Restaurant|
/getattachment/9c29870c-3536-447e-8ca5-13b4a31ce9c3/Outdoor-Sculpture-at-Stocker-Art-Center.aspx|Outdoor Sculpture at Stocker Art Center|
/getattachment/76f93bd7-5310-49d7-a00b-c6c9e9162e1a/PC-Campana-Development-Center.aspx|PC Campana Development Center|
/getattachment/e08e4b2a-4b3a-459f-acd1-32372d5d5d98/Picnic-Area-at-LCCC.aspx|Picnic Area at LCCC|
/getattachment/9bfca940-06ca-4615-b26c-543ad7e37e12/Elyria-Court-House.aspx|Lorain County Court House|
/getattachment/7ab78b8d-699f-454d-9d1e-8c054efcd881/Elyria-Court-House-Facade.aspx|Lorain Court House Facade|
/getattachment/b8e62093-a23b-4ca3-96a8-7e643f4f1eee/Stocker-Art-Center.aspx|Stocker Art Center|
/getattachment/51a2473b-6197-49e7-9d85-c6e95dcabad1/Summer-at-LCCC.aspx|Summer at LCCC|
/getattachment/d19a3aec-ba3a-4456-a918-430e9ce48c25/The-Hickories-Museum.aspx|The Hickories Museum|


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Team Lorain County
FAQs About Lorain County, Ohio
Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

How do I find out about Board of Commissioners meetings and other special events?

The Lorain County Board of Commissioners generally meets every Wednesday at 9:30 am. The meetings are held at the Lorain County Administration Building in Public Hearing Room B. For details about this arrangement, please refer to the information about the
Commissioners Meetings.

Special events attend by the Commissioners may be posted on the webpage for
Commissioner News. To find general events happening throughout Lorain County, please view our online County Calendar.

How do I find the weekly agenda and minutes for the Board of Commissioners meetings?

All Commissioner's Agendas & Minutes are posted online each week for community members to view. The collection of agendas is available online for the current and previous years (as far back as 2009).

Please feel free to 
Subscribe to Updates and receive the Commissioners agenda via email each week. To view an agenda that is not on this website, please contact the Clerk of Board.

Does the Board of Commissioners belong to any taxpayer-funded lobbying associations?

While the Commissioners do not directly participate in lobbying, the County does belong to the County Commissioners Association of Ohio (CCAO) and the National Association of Counties (NACo). Both of these distinct organizations work in partnership and have a registered lobbyist for lobbying issues at the state and federal levels.

The policy development process leads to the publication of The American County Platform, which NACo uses as a guide to deliver County government's message to the Administration, Congress and the American public. The CCAO also publishes a variety of Publications.

NACo's Committees, whose members include County officials from every region of the country, are charged on an annual basis with evaluating issues and policies. The CCAO also charges a respective membership fee. For the year of 2012, Lorain County paid $6,007.00 for NaCo Membership and $10,392.00 for CCAO Membership.

The annual membership fee contributed to these two organizations is determined by population and is subject to change each year.
For more information, please contact Sandra Strohsack at (440) 329-5760, or email sstrohsack@loraincounty.us.

How can I find information about the Lorain County Sheriff's Sales?

The Lorain County Sheriff's Sales are scheduled on select Wednesdays on the Fourth Floor of the Lorain County Administration Building (226 Middle Ave., Elyria, OH 44035), in the Commissioners Meeting Room D. Please note that the Lorain County Commissioners and their Departments are not at all affiliated with the Lorain County Sheriff's Sales.

Additional information and
FAQs can be found on the website for the Lorain County Sheriff (updated daily on weekdays), by calling Mary Ochenas at (440) 329-5544, or you can visit the Lorain County Sheriff Civil Office, located at the Lorain County Justice Center (225 Court St., Elyria, OH 44035).

Where can I find information about receiving a notary license, to become a notary public?

If you are interested in obtaining a notary license to become a notary public, please contact the Lorain County Clerk of Courts' Office. They are located on the First Floor of the Lorain County Justice Center (225 Court St., Elyria, OH 44035). The Civil Divsion of the Clerk of Courts (Room 105) handles civil case filings, appellate case filings, notary public applications. Their office hours are Monday through Friday, from 10 am to 4:30 pm. For more information, please call the Clerk of Courts' Office at (440) 329-5536, or fax (440) 328-2416.

How do I request a copy of a birth certificate?

If you were born in Lorain County or in Ohio you can obtain birth certificat
es by contacting the Lorain City Health Department (1144 W. Erie Ave., Lorain, OH 44052) at (440) 204-2300, or fax (440) 204-2526. or the Lorain County General Health District (9880 S. Murray Ridge Rd., Elyria, OH 44035) at (440) 322-6367/244-2209, or fax (440) 322-0911.

How do I request a copy of a death certificate?

Lorain County General Health District provides certified copies of death certificates are available for those that passed away in Lorain County, except in the City of Lorain. Their office does not have state-wide issuance. For details about obtaining certificates, please their webpage for Birth & Death Certificates.

How do I request a copy of a person's will?

If you would like to request a copy of a person's will that died in Lorain County, please contact the Lorain County Probate Court (225 Court St., 6th Fl. Elyria, OH 44035) at (440) 329-5175, or fax (440) 328-2157.

Does Lorain County offer small business loans?

Lorain County has
a variety of programs available to assist small businesses. The Lorain County ommunity Development Department and the Lorain County Solid Waste Management District offer several Grant Programs including the Lorain County Revolving Loan Fund. These departments can also direct you to other organizations in the region for assistance through other programs. Please call (440) 328-2322 for more information.

Who should I contact about financial incentives?

Lorain County offers a variety of financial incentive programs for businesses. The Lorain County Community Development Department
wants to help your business grow and thrive. Please call (440) 328-2322 for more information.

Who should I contact about applying for grants?

The Lorain County Community Development Department
 has local and State grant programs available for qualified housing improvements, marketing and off-site infrastructure projects. Please call Community Development at (440) 328-2322 for more information. You may also be interested in Grant Programs available from the Lorain County Solid Waste Management District. Please feel free to Contact the District with your questions.

Where can I find census data for Lorain County?

The LCCDD analyzes and distributes census figures by mail to the townships from
Census.gov as they become available. Information is available upon request. Please contact Lorain County Community Development Department for more information.

What is the difference between the "Annual Budget" and the "Annual Appropriation?"

The Annual Budget and Annual Appropriation are really one in the same document and set of annual numbers. The word "Budget" is typically used as a business term, and focuses on the idea that a budget is a one-year "plan" together with many line-item accounts to guide businesses and governments during the course of the year.

Budget Department provides current information concerning the County Budget each year. The word "Appropriation" is a more formal term than "Budget" and focuses on the legal precept that monies must be set aside formally by legislation (through resolutions of by the Lorain County Board of Commissioners) to meet County payments to vendors, bond and note holders, and other government agencies.

Why are there two budgets created each year, i.e. the "Tax Budget" and the "Annual Budget?"

The "Tax Budget" is compiled in the first half of each year for the succeeding year's activity. In terms of County revenues, the Tax Budget provides governmental departments (Commissioners, County Auditor, State Tax Commission) with a first view of anticipated revenues for the succeeding year, including estimated revenues in relation to not only the General Fund but also special revenue funds and levy (millage) funds.

In terms of expenditures, the Tax Budget is a valuable tool for, again, providing a first estimate of what expenditures may occur in the succeeding year, and how realistic such expenditures may be as compared to tax budget revenue estimates. As of this writing, the County Budget Commission has waived the requirement of constructing a tax budget under Section 5705.28.1 of the Ohio Revised Code. However, the Budget Commission requires the taxing authority to provide information needed by the Commission to perform its duties, and more information after June 9, 2003.

The Annual Budget (annual appropriation) is the final budget created for the succeeding year. This budget is hammered out in the last half of the year for the succeeding year. It is approved by the Board of County Commissioners by formal resolution in December. The Annual Budget, then, as opposed to the Tax Budget, becomes the official budget for the succeeding year and provides the legal basis for the Board to meet its payment obligations.

How do I obtain Solicitations, i.e. RFPs and RFQs?

The Lorain County Purchasing Department and the Special Projects Management office are now posting information about public bidding online, including
RFPs & RFQs (Requests for Proposals and Qualifications). Please see our frequently-updated list of Public Notices to find bids that are currently available. Bids may also be advertised in some local newspapers, like The Chronicle-Telegram and The Morning Journal.

Does the County have a Building Department?

The County does not currently operate a Building Department. If the work is within a Local Municipality then please contact the appropriate entity. If the work is within a Township, and the work is commercial, please contact the local Township entity and check to see if they have a relationship with a State of Ohio Certified Building Official & Inspector.

Another option is to
contact the State of Ohio for plan review and permits. The Ohio Department of Commerce provides two lists of building departments and sub-departments for residential and commerical properties, that are certified by their Board of Building Standards.

For questions or more information, please contact the Lorain County Community Development Department at (440) 328-2322 or email dromancak@loraincounty.us.

Who should I contact regarding lost / found dogs?

Lorain County Dog Kennel is the county facility for temporarily housing stray and unwanted dogs. For all questions concerning dogs missing or found, please contact the Dog Kennel at (440) 329-5995, or email Dog Warden Tim Pihlblad at
tpihlblad @loraincounty.us.

You may also
Sign Up for Doggie Alerts to receive information about recent captures, which include the area and physical attributes of dogs. If you would like to receive these notices via email, simply Subscribe to Updates.

How do I find dogs that are available to adopt? 

If you are interested in adopting a stray dog for a new pet, please see our list of
Dogs to Adopt. If you are interested in adopting one of these dogs, please contact the Dog Kennel at (440) 329-5995, or email
tpihlblad @loraincounty.us.

Lorain County Dog Kennel updates this list of dogs as frequently as possible, sometimes more than once a day - so please check back frequently. If you have trouble viewing this page, please check back in about 24 hrs. - we may be experiencing technical difficulties with our site.

For further information about adopting dogs in Lorain County, please visit the
Friends of the Lorain County Dog Kennel.

Where can I find information about recycling?

The County maintains a comprehensive list of local
Recycling Centers, which provides contact information for these facilities. The Solid Waste Management District also supports these recycling businesses and organizations, along with actual collection programs. Many materials may be recycled at the Lorain County Collection Center.

The District's recycling projects include blue bag recycling, fluorescent bulb and ballast recycling, composting, e-scrap collection, household hazardous waste, latex paint disposal, use motor oil, printer cartridge recycling, and scrap tire disposal. For general inquiries about recycling in Lorain County, please call the Solid Waste District's Information Hotline at 1 (800) 449-5463.

Where can I find information about serving on the jury in Lorain County?

The Jury Commissioners have dedicated the
Jury Duty page to provide complete guidelines and rules for the jury. All jury groups must call the Lorain County Justice Center every night for jury instructions. Please dial (440) 328-2240, (440) 328-2241 or 1 (877) 223-8744 (toll free) only after 4:30 pm for this information. Jurors must listen to the entire message for complete instructions. The information for jurors will also be posted on our Jury Instructions page, which is updated after 4:30 pmeveryday (and not before).
How do I find schedules for local transit buses?

Lorain County Transit operates a total of 4 fixed Bus Routes and a Dial-a-Ride service. Printed copies of these bus routes may be picked up at the Lorain County Commissioners Office, located on the Fourth Floor of the Lorain County Administration Building. For additional schedule or fare information, please call the Transit at (440) 329-5525 or (440) 244-6261; you may also send LCT an email. LCT office hours are Monday through Friday from 8 am to 4:30 pm. If you are calling after hours, please call the Scheduling Department at 1 (800) 406-7541 or (440) 365-0224. The hearing disabled may access these numbers through the Ohio Relay Service at 1 (800) 750-0750.

How do I receive discounts on prescriptions?

Lorain County has been a member of NACo's Prescription Drug Discount Card Program since 2005. This program was was designed for uninsured and underinsured residents. Use the card anytime your prescriptions are not covered by insurance. Through a partnership with Caremark, this simple discount card can save an average of 22% off the full retail cost of prescription medication.

Printed copies of the discount card are available for pick-up at the Lorain County Commissioners Office, located on the 4th floor of the County Administration Building (226 Middle Ave., 4th Floor, Elyria, OH 44035). A Customized Prescription Discount Card is also available online for PDF download at Caremark's Online Resource Center.

How can I submit information to this website?

We are always looking for ways to improve our website for Lorain County, Ohio. The Lorain County Commissioners would be delighted to include information for your business or organization as part of our
Information Center, or as one of our Helpful Links. We are also able to add various upcoming events to our County Calendar. If you are interested in becoming a part of Lorain County’s site, please call Sandy Strohsack at (440) 329-5760 or email sstrohsack@loraincounty.us.

Why are some webpages under construction?

While browsing this site, you may have notice that a few webpages include a short message indicating that it's under construction. These webpages are not quite finished for the public to see.

Features of our site that are under construction include podcasts, email subscriptions, online newsletters, and streaming video. Please be patient as we work rapidly to complete these pages.

If you are looking for information on a page that is currently under construction, please call the County's Automated Switchboard at (440) 329-5000, or feel free to
Contact Us. Your question will then be transferred to the appropriate County office.

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