/getattachment/0f698f6a-de3f-41da-8428-9dc713f14460/Barbara-and-Mike-Bass-Library.aspx|Barbara & Mike Bass Library|
/getattachment/42e6ef05-214c-4d02-ac97-46a9ab11ba54/Downtown-Elyria-Square.aspx|Downtown Elyria Square|
/getattachment/ac8e3a13-6a1d-4a1d-9715-9759bef9e24a/EHS-Washington-Building.aspx|EHS Washington Building|
/getattachment/3903937c-d612-4e0e-8832-be7d41cb5ed5/Entrepreneurship-Innovation-Center.aspx|Entrepreneurship Innovation Center|
/getattachment/aeb97fa8-7060-4697-a8fe-f2716cee1f3c/Finwood-Estate-and-Forest.aspx|Finwood Estate & Forest|
/getattachment/92fec4bf-af61-45c0-9dfd-7b763577afab/LCCC-Community-Resource-Center.aspx|LCCC Community Resource Center|
/getattachment/6051b410-6800-47d7-893b-47cf46caec49/LCCC-Fountains.aspx|LCCC Fountains|
/getattachment/cc6f4279-3975-4ede-b0bd-9c509f71eab0/Moving-Fabrication-Lab-at-LCCC.aspx|Moving Fabrication Lab at LCCC|
/getattachment/679556cc-a7eb-4f49-8ae1-7d276bc3bf77/Lorain-County-Community-College.aspx|Lorain County Community College|
/getattachment/765d01b9-a965-40a5-9fc3-2b8526e06c4e/Lorain-County-Historical-Society.aspx|Lorain County Historical Society|
/getattachment/6c3711d0-2488-43f7-a3a6-e717733a2b9c/Midway-OH-BOY-Restaurant.aspx|Midway OH BOY Restaurant|
/getattachment/9c29870c-3536-447e-8ca5-13b4a31ce9c3/Outdoor-Sculpture-at-Stocker-Art-Center.aspx|Outdoor Sculpture at Stocker Art Center|
/getattachment/76f93bd7-5310-49d7-a00b-c6c9e9162e1a/PC-Campana-Development-Center.aspx|PC Campana Development Center|
/getattachment/e08e4b2a-4b3a-459f-acd1-32372d5d5d98/Picnic-Area-at-LCCC.aspx|Picnic Area at LCCC|
/getattachment/9bfca940-06ca-4615-b26c-543ad7e37e12/Elyria-Court-House.aspx|Lorain County Court House|
/getattachment/7ab78b8d-699f-454d-9d1e-8c054efcd881/Elyria-Court-House-Facade.aspx|Lorain Court House Facade|
/getattachment/b8e62093-a23b-4ca3-96a8-7e643f4f1eee/Stocker-Art-Center.aspx|Stocker Art Center|
/getattachment/51a2473b-6197-49e7-9d85-c6e95dcabad1/Summer-at-LCCC.aspx|Summer at LCCC|
/getattachment/d19a3aec-ba3a-4456-a918-430e9ce48c25/The-Hickories-Museum.aspx|The Hickories Museum|


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Team Lorain County
Board Appointment Opportunities
Lorain County Board of Commissioners

The Lorain County Board of Commissioners appoints members to serve on many of these Boards and would like to encourage citizens to become involved in their local government by applying to serve as a member to one of many Boards that may be of interest.  

The Board Appointment Application will ask you to describe any work related responsibilities that would benefit your service and to describe any past or present employment, education, volunteer work, interest or experiences that would assist you on the Board of your choice.

Please review our section concerning Board Openings and how to submit your application. Please note that the Board complies with the Ohio Revised Code (ORC) when reviewing the applications of prospective members. 

The Lorain County Board of Commissioners invites anyone who is interested in sharing their time and expertise to be a citizen representative on one of the following boards:


The Alcohol & Drug Addiction Services Board serves to plan, implement and evaluate alcohol and drug addiction prevention and treatment services for Lorain County residents.

This Board meets the third Wednesday of each month at 5:30 pm, at the offices for Alcohol & Drug Addiction Services, located at 4950 Oberlin Road., Amherst, Ohio 44001. For more information about the Lorain County Alcohol & Drug Addiction Services, please call (440) 282-9920.

The mission of the Lorain County Children & Council as stated within its by-laws is “to advocate for families by establishing and maintaining systems of service that nurture, enrich and encourage collaboration between individuals and organizations to promote the well-being of Children and Families in Lorain County.” The Council is established pursuant to the Ohio Revised Code Section 121.37 and its designated service area is Lorain County, Ohio.

The mandated members of the Council hold public meetings at the Lorain County Administration Building in January, April and October of each year. Please call (440) 284-4467 for more information.

Lorain County Children Services Department is the authority as the single agency of county government to exercise and carry out relatively broad powers and duties on behalf of children in the county deemed by the board to be in need of public care of protective services due to abuse, neglect or dependency.

This Board meets the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 4 pm, at the Lorain County Administration Building - 226 Middle Avenue, 4th Floor, Commissioners Public Hearing Room. Please call (440) 329-5340 for more information.
The duties of the Lorain County Community College Board of Trustees include: to hold and sell real and personal property for purpose of college; accept gifts, grants, etc, for support of college; appoint administrative officers, faculty, staff; develop and adopt the curricular programs, establish schedules of fees and tuition; authorize, approve, ratify or confirm any agreement relating to college and more.

This Board meets the 4th Thursday of each month at 3 pm, Lorain County Community College, 1005 N. Abbe Road, Spitzer Conference Center, Room 207/208, Elyria, Ohio. Please call (440) 365-5222 for more information.

Economic & Industrial Development Corporation

The Economic
and Industrial Development Corporation is concerned with the economic development of the county and the giving of benefits to encourage new businesses to locate in Lorain County.

This Committee meets annually in December and on an as needed basis. Please call (440) 328-2324 for more information.
Fair Housing Board
Fair Housing Board of Lorain County will do all things necessary and proper to secure for all its citizens their right to equal housing opportunities regardless of their race, color, gender, familial status, religious belief, national origin and handicap.

This Board meets bi-monthly on the 1st Thursday at 5 p.m., Lorain County Community Development Department, 226 Middle Avenue, Elyria, Ohio. Please call (440) 328-2384 for more information.



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