/getattachment/0f698f6a-de3f-41da-8428-9dc713f14460/Barbara-and-Mike-Bass-Library.aspx|Barbara & Mike Bass Library|
/getattachment/42e6ef05-214c-4d02-ac97-46a9ab11ba54/Downtown-Elyria-Square.aspx|Downtown Elyria Square|
/getattachment/ac8e3a13-6a1d-4a1d-9715-9759bef9e24a/EHS-Washington-Building.aspx|EHS Washington Building|
/getattachment/3903937c-d612-4e0e-8832-be7d41cb5ed5/Entrepreneurship-Innovation-Center.aspx|Entrepreneurship Innovation Center|
/getattachment/aeb97fa8-7060-4697-a8fe-f2716cee1f3c/Finwood-Estate-and-Forest.aspx|Finwood Estate & Forest|
/getattachment/92fec4bf-af61-45c0-9dfd-7b763577afab/LCCC-Community-Resource-Center.aspx|LCCC Community Resource Center|
/getattachment/6051b410-6800-47d7-893b-47cf46caec49/LCCC-Fountains.aspx|LCCC Fountains|
/getattachment/cc6f4279-3975-4ede-b0bd-9c509f71eab0/Moving-Fabrication-Lab-at-LCCC.aspx|Moving Fabrication Lab at LCCC|
/getattachment/679556cc-a7eb-4f49-8ae1-7d276bc3bf77/Lorain-County-Community-College.aspx|Lorain County Community College|
/getattachment/765d01b9-a965-40a5-9fc3-2b8526e06c4e/Lorain-County-Historical-Society.aspx|Lorain County Historical Society|
/getattachment/6c3711d0-2488-43f7-a3a6-e717733a2b9c/Midway-OH-BOY-Restaurant.aspx|Midway OH BOY Restaurant|
/getattachment/9c29870c-3536-447e-8ca5-13b4a31ce9c3/Outdoor-Sculpture-at-Stocker-Art-Center.aspx|Outdoor Sculpture at Stocker Art Center|
/getattachment/76f93bd7-5310-49d7-a00b-c6c9e9162e1a/PC-Campana-Development-Center.aspx|PC Campana Development Center|
/getattachment/e08e4b2a-4b3a-459f-acd1-32372d5d5d98/Picnic-Area-at-LCCC.aspx|Picnic Area at LCCC|
/getattachment/9bfca940-06ca-4615-b26c-543ad7e37e12/Elyria-Court-House.aspx|Lorain County Court House|
/getattachment/7ab78b8d-699f-454d-9d1e-8c054efcd881/Elyria-Court-House-Facade.aspx|Lorain Court House Facade|
/getattachment/b8e62093-a23b-4ca3-96a8-7e643f4f1eee/Stocker-Art-Center.aspx|Stocker Art Center|
/getattachment/51a2473b-6197-49e7-9d85-c6e95dcabad1/Summer-at-LCCC.aspx|Summer at LCCC|
/getattachment/d19a3aec-ba3a-4456-a918-430e9ce48c25/The-Hickories-Museum.aspx|The Hickories Museum|


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Public Notices, Notice to Bidders & RFP/RFQ
Provided by the Lorain County Purchasing Department

Welcome to the official page for public notices, requests for proposals (RFP), requests for qualifications (RFQ), public bid opportunities, pre-bid meetings, bid opening results/tabulations and contracts awarded to vendors. The bids listed on this page have been advertised in local news publications such as the Chronicle Telegram or Morning Journal.


6-23-14: Mandatory Pre-Bid Meeting for Health Department Parking Lot Improvements (Addendum #1)

: Mandatory Pre-Bid Meeting for Regional Airport Public Apron Rehabilitation at 2 pm (Addendum #1 - Addendum #1 Receipt, Pre-Bid Sign-In Sheet, Geotechnical Subsurface Investigation; Addendum #2 - Addendum #2 Receipt, Addendum #2 Plan Sheet)

: Mandatory Site Meeting for 1031 W. 4th Street Rehabilitation at 9 am


To view public notices, please click on individual bid notices in the second column. To view individual bid tabulations and awards, please click on the check mark symbols located in the fourth and fifth columns.

# Public Notice Opening Date Bid Tab Bid Award
1. RFQ - Prep., Admin. & Implementation of FY2014 CHIP Grant
1/21/14: 4:00 pm
2. RFP - Operation & Management of Lorain County Transit System 1/15/14: 3:00 pm
3. RFP - Direct Child Abuse Prevention Services 2/14/14: 2:00 pm NA NA
4. SR57 Reconstruction for Grafton Village 2/18/14: 2:00 pm
5. Various Highway Materials 2/18/14: 2:15 pm
6. ITB - LCDJFS' Copiers 2/18/14: 2:30 pm NA
7. North Ridge Rd. Roadway Relocation for Brownhelm Twp. 2/27/14: 2:00 pm
8. Foster Road Bridge 2/27/14:
2:30 pm
9. LCDJFS' Tape Library & Server/Warranty-Tech Support Agreement 3/24/14: 2:00 pm NA
10. Lincoln Blvd. Street Improvement Project 4/9/14: 2:00 pm
11. Management of Prisoner Inmate Accounts & Commissary Via a Kiosk System by Sheriff Office 4/22/14: 10:00 am NA
12. Mowing Detention Basins 4/22/14: 2:00 pm NA
13. NTC - REBID - LCDJFS' Tape Library & Server Warranty-Tech Support Agreement 5/5/14: 2:00 pm NA
14. TANF Summer Youth Employment at LCDJFS 5/12/14: 2:00 pm NA
15. RFQ - Towing Services for County-Owned Parking Areas 5/16/14: 2:00 pm NA NA
16. Gore Orphanage Road Bridge (#0087) Replacement in Rochester Township 5/20/14: 2:00 pm NA
17. RFQ - Environmental Consultant Services 5/23/14: 12:00 pm NA NA
18. Straw-Haag Ditch Cleaning 6/12/14: 2:00 pm NA
19. (Sketch) RFQ - Repairs & Improvements for Dog Kennel Parking Lot  6/16/14: 4:00 pm NA NA
20. Regional Airport Public Apron Rehabilitation 6/18/14: 2:00 pm NA
21. 1031 W. 4th Street Rehabilitation 6/18/14: 2:00 pm NA NA
22. NTB - REBID - 2014 Chip & Seal Program 6/19/14: 2:00 pm NA
23. Health Department Parking Lot Improvements
6/27/14: 2:00 pm
24. Pyle South Amherst Rd. Bridge (#0014) Replacement in Oberlin 6/24/14: 2:00 pm
25. (Lease Agreement, Specs) Agricultural Land Use for Regional Airport
8/12/14: 2:00 pm NA NA
26. LCPA Contractor Pre-Qual. Form for LCLRC's Land Bank Ongoing NA

2012, 2013

If you have any questions about bidding on projects,
please contact Purchasing Coordinator Mary Grabel at (440) 329-5240, or email mgrabel@loraincounty.us. You may also contact Facilities Management Director Karen Davis at (440) 329-5102, or email kdavis@loraincounty.us.

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