Be Green Scholarship

Lorain County Be Green Scholarship

Presented by Lorain County Community College and LCCC Foundation. Provided by Ecoverse and the Lorain County Solid Waste Management District.

This award is intended to support Lorain County Community College/University Partnership students who are interested in the preservation of our environment. Awards will be made to students who are newly graduated private or public Lorain County high school students and current LCCC/UP students enrolled at Lorain County Community College and/or University Partnership and students who are currently in high school and enrolled in a post-secondary education program at Lorain County Community College and/or University Partnership. If no applicants meet these criteria, preference will be given to those coming closest. All applicants must be Lorain County residents.

University Partnership Students: In your Universal Application, you must attach your most recent transcripts and proof of enrollment in the UP Institution for the semester of the scholarship. LCCC students’ status can be accessed by LCCC’s Student Financial Aid; therefore, they are exempt of having to show proof of enrollment and transcripts.

LCCC has awarded 14 scholarships totaling $11,153 since its inception in 2016 to Lorain County students.

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Ashley S. - 2015
Major: Allied Health and Nursing

Nicole N. - 2016 & 2017
Major: General Studies

Jocelyn J. - 2018
Major: Allied Health and Nursing

Breanna P. - 2018
Major: Business Management

Tessa K. - 2019
Major: Universal Arts

Kristian S. - 2019
Major: Hospitality & Tourism Management 

Jacob L. - 2020
Major: CIS Network Security Foundations