Lorain County Land Bank

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Lorain County Land Reutilization Corporation

The Primary function of the County Land Bank is to serve as a facilitator for the return of vacant, abandoned, and tax foreclosed property to productive tax paying economic uses or to beneficial public uses.

The Lorain County Land Bank  was formed on May 24, 2012

  • Funding Sources for the Land Bank
    • 5% of the delinquent tax collection (DRETAC)
      (as of February 26, 2015)

The Land Bank currently owns many vacant parcels throughout Lorain County

  • Residents of the Community are able to submit applications to bid on the properties to obtain them.
Map of the City of Elyria showing vacant lots colored in yellow
Map of the city Lorain showing vacant lots colored in yellow

Land Bank Board Members:

  • Commissioner David Moore - Chair
  • Commissioner Jeff Riddell - Vice Chair
  • Commissioner Michelle Hung - Secretary
  • Jack Bradley, Mayor of Lorain - Treasurer
  • Dan Talarek, Treasurer - Board Member
  • Staff:
    • Jeff Armbruster, County Administrator - Director
    • James Miller - Assistant Director
    • Theresa Upton - Corporation Secretary
    • Katherine Keefe, LC Assistant Prosecutor

Land Bank meetings shall be held on the 3rd Thursday in the month's of January & March.  Special Meetings may be called as needed.

Land Bank Board Meeting Agendas & Minutes