Planning and Zoning


The Lorain County Community Development Department is home to two full-time staff members who focus on planning and zoning initiatives and compliance throughout the County. The main area of service and responsibility for the County are the unincorporated townships which rely on the Planning and Zoning staff at Community Development to ensure smart, safe, and optimal land use decisions.

Planning Commission & Subdivision Review Meeting Dates

Planning Commission meetings are held in Meeting Room A on the fourth floor at the County Administration Building, 226 Middle Ave, Elyria, Ohio, 44035; Click here for the 2023 Planning Commission & Subdivision Review Meeting Dates.


The Lorain County Planning Commission makes recommendations on zoning amendments for the 18 unincorporated townships. Requests for recommendations must be made to the Community Development Department a minimum of eight days prior to the regularly scheduled Planning Commission Meeting; see above for meeting dates and times.  

Minor Subdivision (Lot Splits)

Applications for Minor Subdivision can be made at any time through the Community Development Department located on the fifth floor of the County Administration Building, 226 Middle Ave, Elyria, Ohio, 44035. Click here for the Minor Subdivision Checklist for required documentation.

Major Subdivision

Any development of five or more lots and/or the opening or extension of a road right-of-way is considered a major subdivision. The Subdivision Review Subcommittee is responsible for reviewing all major subdivisions and making recommendations to the Lorain County Planning Commission. Please look below for submission deadlines, checklists, and applications.

Subdivision Documents